In today's world, we don't foster relationships as well because everything is instantaneous. However, when you hire Affordable Painting & Repairs, we'll be here for you for the long run. Our local handyman focuses on fostering relationships with people in the community, so you know you can call on us whenever you need to.

You can count on our local handyman to handle any odd job you need done around your Braddock, PA home. Reach out to us today for high-quality handyman services with a personal touch.

Hang your new TV without worrying about it falling off the wall

You never really realize you need a helping hand until you're already halfway through a project. When you aren't sure if you can tackle a project-reach out to our handyman. We'll handle your project or help you with it so you can feel confident the job was completed correctly. Our handyman services include:

Setting up electrical work for new appliances
Hanging wall mount brackets for TVs
Installing new toilets, sinks and shower heads
Installing custom cabinets
Repairing hot water tanks

We'll keep your home in good condition. Call 412-432-8417 now to get a free estimate for your home project.